At the beginning of everything, there was fear.

Fear when we saw tons of plastic waste on the beaches in Malaysia. Fear when our friends sent us a photo of the rain forest in South America. Fear when we see the water decrease every year and that everything around is drying up. Fear that maybe our children will not be able run in the woods and bathe in a clean river as we did.

TOMÁŠ SLAVÍK Chief Sales Officer

Human life is short, but unfortunately we see, during it and in a very short time, fundamental changes in the functioning of nature and its natural modes. I am very happy that I have made friends with people with whom I can now design and implement amusing and useful projects for our nature—for all of us.

As a responsible father of two children, I could not wish for a better professional focus and activity than those we create in NatureDecal. I want to go mushroom picking with my children and then my grandchildren to our beautiful forest, near which we live. I want to go fishing and bathe in a clean river and our nearby Černá Nisa dam in the Jizera mountains. I want to simply enjoy the natural beauty we have here.

I am convinced that we, in NatureDecal, also contribute to this goal.

JAN KŘIVÁNEK co-founder

Nature is a huge source of inspiration for me. I often spend many hours perceiving scents and studying the various shapes that nature can conjure up. When I was young, I studied ecology, and when I began to devote myself more to design and graphics later, I was always fascinated by new trends and technologies that could recover and clean our valuable natural resources. I like to travel to the far exotic places of our planet and I come across two identical elements across the world: the ever-present pollution on the one hand, and the desire to remind the need to clean nature on the other.

For several years, I have been thinking about how to show people how much their daily activities affect nature. My goal is not to command people what to do but to try to change their thinking and attitude in a clear and easy way. 

For me, the Nature Decal project means an imaginary closure of my circle of life-long stand for our pure planet, where man and modern technology live in harmony with nature.

PETER HOLIŠÍK co-founder

I have always been close to nature. When I was little, I grew up in the Slovak and Austrian mountains. I was cycling in summer and skiing in winter. And when I reached adulthood and travelled a piece of the world and saw how many beauties of nature there were on Earth, I wished my children could see the beauty as well.  

When the terms such as recycling, global warming and environmental catastrophes started to appear in media several years ago, I realized how close everything suddenly is to me. 

There are not just two people working on the Nature Decal project. A team of professionals from the Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria and China, who care for everybody to realize how seemingly ordinary everyday activities can influence the future functioning of nature, dived with us to the ecological depths.

HONGWEI LIU consultant

I have always believed nature make you Kinder, Happier, and Inspired. We have widely benefit from nature, clean water, fresh air, arable land, etc. However, environmental degradation is becoming a critical issue all over the world right now and human activity is considered as one of the major concerns.

I have received both professional and academic training, Certified Carbon Accounting (IMEA), and Alumni of Youth Encounter on Sustainability, Myclimate Switzerland. Previously, I studied in Imperial College London and currently PhD Researcher in Università di Padova, Italy. My academic concern is primarily focus on the sustainable consumers behaviour with particular attention to in the emerging market like in South-East Asia. Having been trained to look at many different aspects of sustainability, I am driven to maximise the impact of projects that contribute to sustainable livelihoods. 

I believe the most innovation comes from the individual, and Naturedecal is leading a convincing way to involve people to reduce energy use, waste so that increase workplace satisfaction.