Give environment the green light even in your office. You will breath better.

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Turn lights off

How many times have you left the room and let the lights on? While all you need is one hand movement to push the switch and save not only energy but also fossil fuels that affect CO2 in the atmosphere.

Save water

Maybe it does not seem so, but there is no rarer natural resource than water. Do you know that less than 1% of drinking water is available on our planet for the human population?  It will surely surprise you that the chief culprit (water scarcity and pollution) is not industry but humans themselves.

Separate waste

Every person produces up to 1 kg of waste per day on average. Globally, there are billions of tons every day. The positive thing is that we can influence this consumption with our own activities – the amount of waste, its utilization and mainly subsequent recycling.

Protect forests

Forests are an oxygen reservoir and are therefore referred to as the “green lungs of the planet”. Before printing another sheet of new bleached paper, remember that another tree was cut due to it. Before you press the button on your printer, think about whether you really need colour printing or whether printing on recycled paper is sufficient.



of water

of trees


of dump site space


of pollutants in the air